Automate email-channels from analysis to automation

We use emails every single day. And naturally, email inboxes are a major channel when it comes to departments like the customer service or operations, working via a centralized inbox.

With our platform, you can easily automate complex scenarios for your inbox automation.

Let's say you have a centralized inbox and want to automatically create a category for each incoming email (e.g. for the departments).

Fig. 1: Automate your email channels via gates and workflow, and notify an operator if a task should be processed manually

This could look as follows:

  • you pull data from this inbox,
  • this data is automatically categorized via your custom gates module;
  • if the intent is identified with more than e.g. 80% confidence, it is updated in the inbox,
  • else, an operator can be notified (or a notifier can be notified if the urgency of the email is high)

With our platform, you can build both very simple email-channel automations, or highly complex mechanisms with automated forwarding or message drafting. It's up to you.