Weak supervision

Easily integrate your heuristics


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Click here to see a video explanation of how you can apply weak supervision to integrate your heuristics.

You've set up some really great heuristics, and are now wondering how well they work together? Easy - we can now apply weak supervision to create automated and denoised labels. To do so, once again, head over to the heuristics overview page.


Now select the heuristics you want to combine, simply by clicking the checkbox. Once you've done that, hit the "Weak supervision" button.


That's it. It usually also takes only a few seconds to compute the labels. The button on the right side of the "Weak supervision" button summarizes the last weak supervision run you've executed. If you want some details, you can open a modal by pressing that button.


Let's jump directly into the monitoring to see the quality of our weakly supervised labels.