Access to kern

How to request access and sign up

kern editions

Currently, we offer kern in two editions:

  • in a public cloud, for which you can register to get free access
  • in a private cloud, for which you can contact our sales department.

If you are interested in either of the two editions, please take a look at our website.

😃 Registration procedure

Once you receive access to our system, you can register for an account:

After this, you'll see a dashboard with a banner at the top of the page: You have not yet been assigned an organization. No worries, this is due to the fact that we currently manually assign users to organizations and do not allow full self-registration. After a short time, you'll see a screen like this:

You are now ready to start your first project. Cool! 😄

Security is very important to us, so we can protect your profile the way you want. That's why we offer you the following options to protect your profile. You can customize them in your account settings.

🤠 Account settings

You can change your profile name, email address or password. To change your password, simply enter the new password - we'll make sure it meets security requirements. We also look for recent data breaches to make sure your password is not part of a recent leak.

🤐 2-Factor authentication

2FA is a combination of two distinct and separate components that are used to authenticate you as a user. Only if both components are correct, an action will be performed. If one component (for example, the computer) is compromised, the second component is not automatically compromised.

You can set up 2FA by scanning the displayed QR code with an authenticator, for example, on your mobile device. If you have sensitive data in our secure cloud, we recommend that you enable 2FA.

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